Mailhammer Högl

The Company

Mailhammer-Högl is a sole proprietorship that has been successfully operating for 70 years in the 3rd century. Generation. In 1974, we began to produce packaging in a customer-oriented and flexible manner.

In order to guarantee and permanently meet your high quality requirements, we have joined various associations, registered and certified according to their standards and guidelines. These include the Federal Association of wood packaging, pallet and export packaging industry (HPE), the Association of the Bavarian Sawmill and Wood Industry and the approval, certification and production according to ISPM15 according to IPPC standard.

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Certified for our sustainable work


We protect the environment

Nature is part of our company. Therefore, it is of enormous importance to guarantee the protection of the environment. Mailhammer-Högl’s goal is to run the company in harmony with nature.

In this way, we make a decisive contribution to the protection and preservation of the environment. We are not afraid to take on new challenges.

Because a balanced relationship between ecology and economy is an important aspect in order to be able to give our children a good life.

This is how Mailhammer-Högl works

We promote…

We avoid…

Our Environmental Policy

Mailhammer-Högl e.K. has expressly set itself the goal of acting in harmony with our environment in all corporate activities and thus making a decisive contribution to the protection and preservation of it.

This is not limited to the production of our products: Our wood sections are invariably 100% recycled to create new products (e.B. different panel materials) or used for ecological energy production.

In order to achieve our claim, we have defined the following environmental guidelines as binding contents of our business policy:

Other certificates and awards

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