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We, as a company run from the third generation, offer you a reliable and comprehensive logistics service, taking over the entire management of the time and quantity execution of your orders. The satisfaction of the customer is of great importance to us. Smooth logistics play a major role in this.

Our long experience, for more than 70 years, is also of great advantage in the field of logistics.

Safe and careful storage of the goods of your order is an indispensable asset. Our logistics is based on the well-being of the customer. A fast execution, with little effort on the part of the customer is guaranteed. We ensure reliable delivery of the best products. In order to maintain the quality of the product, we protect it according to the VCI method or the aluminum compound method. Thus, the product arrives at the place of your choice in perfect condition and without any further concerns.

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Protection of the goods

The integrity of your goods is of utmost importance to us. To ensure that the valuable goods reach you in one piece, we protect them from impact, environmental influences and damage during transport and storage. To prevent damage, we wrap the goods according to the VCI method or the aluminum composite method.

At Mailhammer-Högl, we aim to deliver our excellent goods to you with the very best quality in every storage and every delivery.


The transport of large but also small quantities is no problem for us at Mailhammer-Högl. The delivery is carried out by our own fleet of vehicles, which is nature-conscious and environmentally friendly. Products of any size and according to all wishes of the customer are delivered. We deliver your order in the best conditions. At the same time the delivery is made at the required time, exactly at the moment of need. The execution is fast and on time. We deliver conveniently and easily, directly to the place you want. At the same time, the goods are delivered and handled reliably and safely at Mailhammer-Högl. Transport logistics is our top priority.


We offer safe and careful storage of goods in a weather-protected warehouse. We offer free storage and stockpiling. The condition of the goods and their integrity is our responsibility. A first-class storage logistics with the best condition for our first-class goods is a great concern for us.  

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