special packaging products

Some products require special knowledge from experts. With our special packaging you are at the right place. We produce for you heavy cargo boxes, packaging for overseas transport and air transport, telescopic packaging, container bottoms and much more.

Furthermore, we produce packaging of special dimensions and size according to your requirements. We are not afraid of new challenges. Feel free to contact us for further questions and a personal meeting.

We are happy to discuss your request personally

As experts, we will be happy to help you with this. We advise you on the effective use of heavy load boxes. No matter if it is about the stability or the carrying capacity of these heavy loads. Our packaging developers regulate a safe transport.

Overseas transportation requires special packaging. All wishes and requirements are catered for. We at Mailhammer-Högl manufacture the entire packaging ourselves. From the pallets to the interior, everything is from one source. The special packaging is exactly tailored to the dimensions of an overseas container. Stacking is possible here up to two tons load capacity. So the valuable product can be shipped worldwide.

In order to transport air cargo safely and professionally, we have specialized with our air security area and specially trained staff. The packaging and transport of your valuable goods is guaranteed. This saves you long waiting times and expensive security check costs at the airport.

Hazardous goods are in a class of their own. This must be correctly packaged and also labeled accordingly. Various rules must be observed in the process. A safe and correct packaging is an inevitable point for the dangerous goods. It also saves a lot of trouble and unnecessary costs. Our packaging developers are happy to advise you to find a proper packaging for your dangerous goods

This tailor-made packaging ensures the ideal protection of the goods. This is because they can withstand over two tons and, with their three layers, cannot be bent or punctured. The first layer is fixed to the pallet. The second layer is fixed to the first. An intermediate layer is inserted between the secondary and main product to prevent slipping. Then the last layer is added. This once again increases the load-bearing capacity.

This simple but very practical product is a variable length special packaging. Depending on your needs, it can be extended and thus enlarged, or simply pushed together again.

These are an important part of any forwarder. Because they secure the valuable cargo and thus provide their important share for the safest transportation. Container floors are a simple and cost-effective choice made of solid wood. Container floors are available in all standard sizes. We are also happy to execute special sizes for you.

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