Residual wood recycling

Safe forests through the utilization of residual wood

Products made of wood have an increasingly shorter period of use. The recycling of residual wood is of enormous benefit to our natural environment. Because it protects the environment and our valuable raw materials. Thus we have the optimal solution for an economical and ecological utilization of your production waste.


Residual wood recycling is an important point of our company, by taking care of the environment and recycling as much wood as possible.

Creating something new from scrap wood

We also want to reuse residual materials. After all, wood waste is a valuable raw material. It can be reused in many ways instead of simply being disposed of.

Energy and heat generation


Waste wood and residual materials with wood content accumulate in large quantities. Simply disposing of them would harm the environment and cause enormous costs.  

Briquettes made of wood chips, sawdust, sawdust, etc. are an ideal solution to reduce transport and also storage costs. The pressed briquettes can be burned in wood gasifiers or heating plants. Any kind of wood residue can be processed, such as wood chips, sawdust, sawdust, or even milling shavings. Thus, the briquetting system is an ideal way to protect the environment, to process waste wood and to create new products.


During the pressing of pellets, wood chips are profitably briquetted. Thus, the resulting amount of waste product sawdust and wood shavings is reused on the heating market. By processing them on site, the environment benefits because transport distances are saved.

Briquettes and pellets consume less storage volume than other biogenic solid fuels. Therefore, they can be stored in stock without any problems.

Constant price

Using biomass as a fuel is not only sustainable, but also inexpensive. The price is largely independent of gas and oil prices. Oil and gas prices will continue to rise as resources become increasingly scarce.

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