Pallets according to your wish

A wide variety of products require special packaging and therefore a range of different types of pallets. We are specialized in different areas of pallet production. Whether Euro pallets, brewery pallets, Düsseldorfer pallets or disposable pallets, we manufacture them for you. Any size and any type of pallet can be manufactured. Due to our in-house sawmill, we are flexible in terms of time and can fulfill your individual wishes even at short notice.

If required, we can also provide a static calculation. This allows us to design all common construction methods and load cases as desired.

Customized according to your requirements

We offer the most different types and variants of pallets.  If you have any questions about other possibilities, please contact us by e-mail, phone, or just come by. We are looking forward to meeting you. 

DIN Pallets

DIN pallets are pallets with the dimension of 100 x 1200 mm. Thereby, in the DIN, type and material of the pallets are fixed.

The following sizes are available:
DIN 15146 part 1: 800×1000 mm
DIN 15146 part 2: 800×1200 mm (identical in construction to EURO 1)
DIN 15146 part 3: 1000×1200 mm (similar to EURO 3)
DIN 15146 part 4 800×600 mm (like Düsseldorfer pallet)

Brewery pallets

This type of pallets are specially made and designed for this purpose. The frame floor guarantees the transport on roller conveyors or chain conveyors in longitudinal and transverse direction. It is also responsible for the safe standing of the pallets. The pallets are available in various designs. We manufacture according to your individual requirements.

Euro pallets

Euro pallets are the classic among pallets. They are one of the most important means of loading. Different types of Euro pallets are possible

Disposable pallets

If you need pallets for a limited period of time, the disposable pallet is a good way to go. It is safe and inexpensive. One-way pallets can be manufactured as two-way or four-way pallets. Any size is possible.

Essay frame

The stacking frame is a good way to store products. It can be used in various ways: as a transport container, shipping container and much more. It can be easily and quickly mounted and dismounted and is available in all designs.

Special pallets

Different situations require different pallets. We can make any pallet according to your requirements. Also we will be glad to advise you and solve the individual transport requirements with you.

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